About Roffler:

In 1958, Edmond “Pop” Roffler brought advanced European haircutting methods to America, and translated them to fit American taste and style. Entirely new and different, Roffler’s use of the straight razor to cut and blend the lengths of hair caught on quickly as he taught other’s his technique. Roffler focused on an approach to haircutting and hair design that elevated the barber and cosmetologist into true designers.

The Roffler Method is a total approach to hair design that focuses on understanding and mastering of the hair design process. Our method uses classic principles of art and beauty, proven cutting techniques, and quality products that complete the Roffler look. With renowned professionalism and customer loyalty, Roffler is the number one source of men’s hair care products. Staying with tradition, Roffler products and services are available only in barber shops and salons.

About Smith’s Salon Exclusives:

We have over 21 years of experience in working with Roffler and working with Shops and Salons. Our business launched in March of 2012.